Indianapolis Lightning, #3

The Screw Ball


My dreams of making it to the big league had finally come true,
But one wild night in a strip club which was clearly a mistake
Landed me squarely on the team’s bad boy list.

The PR manager is supposed to smooth it all over,
Too bad all I wanted was to get in trouble with her.

I wasn’t really the playboy they thought I was,
I just needed to find the right woman to set me straight.
Now I just have to prove I’m not what she thought.


I have the career I’ve always dreamed of,
Even if I have to deal with players who can’t seem to keep out of the news.
What’s more infuriating is the one player I want to hate the most I can’t stop thinking about.
The one whose voice makes me want to drop my panties at his feet.

I know all about his playboy ways,
But I also know the press can spin things to fit their narrative.

Is he really as innocent as he claims to be? Or will he throw a screw ball I never saw coming?

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